Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grievous Angel mix

Grievous Blackdown Soundboy Mix Vol1

Mr Grievous supplies a very tasty new mix to mark the arrival of this on Monday...

Dusk + Blackdown v Grievous Angel “Margins Music Redux” [Keysound] in shops Monday 23rd of November and Sully 12 "The Loot remix/In Some Pattern" due soon. Meanwhile over at Fact Mag, I've let a little off about Keysound 16 (Skream lost dubs) and 17 (LV EP). Can't wait for Keysound 18 neither!

Download Grievous Angel's new mix here.

0:00 Intro
0:09 MF Grimm / DJ Premier - International Rules
2:04 The Streets - Lets push things forward (Roll Deep Remix)
4:50 DJ Premier / Gangstarr: Mass Appeal (instrumental)
5:05 Blackdown: Beta
7:50 Joe: Rut
13:30 Untold & D Franklin: Beacon
14:30 Prince: Soft and Wet (screwed and chopped)
16:09 Pearson Sound: Gambetta
18:08 D'Angelo: One Mo Gin
22:21 Shortstuff: A Rustling
25:33 Prince: Black Sweat (Grievous Angel Refix)
27:45 Musical Mob: Pulse X
27:45 Blackdown: Defocused
28:56 Big$hot: Glitch
30:57 Ends

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Bandshell said...

Looks sick.

Bowly / Shreyvarey said...

SIck mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shortuff song isn't A Rustling though (I think) it's "Stuff" off the same plate.

elena said...

Great mix, GA, but the Prince track is screwed, not chopped. ;-)

Forbidden Siren said...

Yes, because the man only made the best record of the year, why not also let him make the best mix too...