Monday, November 30, 2009

Rinse November

Rinse FM

Last week was epic . Monday our first Rinse FM station meeting, Tuesday rolling Clapton deep with LV on a photoshoot, Saturday Hyperdub 5 party which was too much fun, then rolling home double nightbus style with the LHF clan.

Then we rolled up on Rinse. Less talk, more dubs!

DOWNLOAD it here.

**Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM November 09**

Wiley "Take That" (unreleased)
Roska "Climate Change remix" (unreleased)
Ozzie B "Remix Ting ft Lethal B, Double S, JME, Frisco..." (unreleased)
DVA "Someone is Knocking" (unreleased)
Hackman "Surround 2" (unreleased)
J Kenzo: Conqueror (forthcoming 2nd Drop)
Littlefoot + Spamchop "Mansfield road" (unreleased)

VVV "Blackbox" (unreleased)
VVV "???" (unreleased)
TRG "Groove Control" (unreleased)
Skream ft Jasimine Sulivan "Give U Everything" (unreleased)
Bias and Cole "Rampwidem" (unreleased)
Dom "Mr Fantastic" (unreleased)

Planas "Agbekor" (unreleased)
Dusk "Fraction" (dubplate)

**LHF Showcase pt 3**

LHF "Deep Life" (unreleased)
LHF "Steelz" (unreleased)
LHF "???" (unreleased)
LHF "???" (unreleased)
LHF "???" (unreleased)

Asusu "Small Hours" (Project Squared)
Skream "Sweetz (2005 flex)" (forthcoming Keysound)
Planas "Kutumba" (unreleased)

Terror Danjah "Bipolar" (forthcoming Butterz)
VVV "1120" (unreleased)
Terror Danjah "Creepy Crawler VIP" (unreleased)
Desto "Like Magic" (unreleased)
Trim "Trim Again" (Monkey Features vol1)
Reso "Hyperglide" (unreleased)
Dot Rotten "I'm Not Stopping" (unreleased)
Starkey "Beatingz" (unreleased)
Dot Rotten "No One Knows" (unreleased)
SRC "Tatanga's Kingdom" (unreleased)

Jam City "In the Park" (unreleased)
Endgames "Ecstacy (Jam City remix)" (unreleased)
Jam City "Island" (unreleased)


Anonymous said...

darn i finsihed 2 track way too late, day of :/ darn school

Anonymous said...

D/L? T/L?

ColdSweat said...

Wicked show!

C4TR said...

Wicked Show as usual!
Big up Dusk & Blackdown!

PS: Agbekor >> Planas on the buttons is out on Ranking Records (Bougth it a couple of weeks ago...)

Cheers and keep on the good work!

pollywog said...

thats a lot of rolling you fellas did...

...and i cant believe you played reso ??? surely after all these years you're not coming round to the breakier side of things :)

Blackdown said...

Lets not get carried away mr dubmug, the reso tune is 150% hyperwonk, just listen to it!

Elijah said...

O yes. Ive got a test press with your name on it

Blackdown said...


Funknotix said...

Who's Asusu?? Project: Squared? How can i get it?!?!?

Good show, guys!

Unknown said...

@ Funknotix - Asusu Small Hours / Taurean is coming out December 14th. It's distributed through ST Holdings so you should be able to get it in all the usual places

Blackdown said...

NO EGO but i think this was one of our best sets yet, am pretty happy with it!

Inta said...

yes it probably is. I been listening to any radio output of yours for the last 12months at least and this killed it.

btw, WHO are LHF and the last 22mins. from that Trim tune onwards is just immense. Grimey stuff you push is just off the hook guys..

and the Dusk tune is :o

big it

Blackdown said...


thing is i go through these odd cycles where for the week before i worry the standard of tunes is shit right up to about an hour before the show, then when we've condensed them down from 370 or so to 35 tunes, then it all suddenly comes clear and i get the 'this might actually be a good show' feeling.

... and then we're on air.

next show: garage & funky christmas special ft bare guests!!!!!!!!

Inta said...

looking forward to that!

apparently the Trim tune is "TRIM : Monkey Mix " as I just heard it on Boomkat. Trim Again is mentioned in the lyrics, tune is "Monkey Mix" though. b-a-g-g-e-d

Blackdown said...

dunno man, i got the CD from Trim, i believe him over boomkat!

Inta said...

you are right I think. it's so clear on the lyrics.. what can I say, there's x amount of wrong names on vinyl & digital out there! conf#$%on

sick tune anywhow
love the "Thoughts" tune too