Saturday, January 22, 2011

LV ft Joshua Idehen "Routes" [Keysound]

The news I've been biting my lip about for the last two months since it appeared, utterly finished, in my inbox in December is this...

LV ft Joshua Idehen "Routes" CD [Keysound]

Read the full news story on Fact here.

I love "Routes" to the bone, I have laughed to myself like a nutter on the tube to lines like "what do you know about Moorgate..? I don't know anything about Moorgate!," have listened to it in the car until the CDr started complaining of RSI and am not yet bored of its freshness, wit, coherence, sense of humour and intriguing narratives... or at least implied narratives.

Don't take any of my words for it, I look forward to you guys making your own minds up of course but me, I'm smitten. See you on the "Northern Line..."

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