Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kowton v Dusk EP [Keysound Recordings]

Kowton returns to Keysound Recordings with the Kowton v Dusk EP.

Available on 12" vinyl and digital via Cargo distribution.


  • Dusk "Fraction"
  • Dusk "Fraction (Kowton remix)"
  • Kowton "Looking at You"


Inta said...

at last the remix that was in that Kowton mix for you some 2 yrs ago is out and the rest of the EP sounds great too, nice one
Dusk!Still, Kowton's a badman at the moment, no questions asked>>

can't wait for this release!

Ben O Faolain said...

Been looking for this! Release date please?

Edo Damara said...


By: Red Line