Friday, November 25, 2011

Video directors needed

Video collaborators needed

Keysound Recordings are looking for video directors/editors to collaborate on future projects with. Ideally they should be fluent with visual collage from a variety of sources, be able to create a sense of mysticism and wonder from found sights and multiple different visual sources, especially archive footage. A knowledge of UK rave culture, from jungle through to garage would be of real benefit.

  • Would you be interested in collaborating?
  • Could you recommend someone who might be suitable?
  • Do you know sites or sources of portfolios to point us towards?

Email us on martin_clark7 at hotmail dot com or leave a comment below and we'll hit you back.


Coldsweaty said...

Hi martin, Institute For Eyes are making some fantastic videos.

Have a look at their guest post on 'It's Nice That'.

Good luck!

Tom Hardy said...

Tim Jaeger said...


I've worked on videos for Vladislav Delay and others...They have been licensed for streaming on Joost and Would be interested in working on things (remotely though, I'm in the states).

Tim Jaeger said...
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Lt. Murray said...

I just sent you guys an email.

Moleskin said...

I quiet like these guy's videos. Colours are really on point

Jenessa said...

surely going to tell about this to my friends