Sunday, April 15, 2012

Benjy Bars on decks

Loefah warm up

Benjy Bars is a longtime Dubstep souljah. He had myself, Dusk, LHF and Vibezin play at a great if slightly ill fated attempt to put a heavy system in the biggest pub in Green Lanes (near where our album cover was shot) last year.

At our album launch at Plastic People in 2008, he rewound my copy of Omni Trio "Thu the Vibe (2-on-1 mix)" so hard I thought he'd break it. I took that as a compliment.

Anyway he's done some sick retrospective mixes. If you're not sure why you should listen to them, you're on the wrong blog. I've also linked to my interviews with the producers, where possible.

"Mix of old Wiley tracks from 2001-2007"

Wiley - Tunnel Vision Freestyle (Scratchy beat)
Wiley - Ice Rink
Wiley - Goin Mad
Wiley - Avenger
Wiley - Bow E3 (Maniac beat)
Wiley - Igloo
Wiley - Crash Bandicoot Freestyle
Wiley - Taplin
Wiley - Ice Pole Remix (vocal)
Wiley - Fire Hydrant
Wiley - Pump Up Tone Up
Wiley - Jam Pie
Wiley - I'm a Flyboy
Wiley - Colder (Devil Mix)
Wiley - Colder (Vocal)
Wiley - Eskimo
Wiley - Nothing Less Freestyle
Wiley - Morgue
Wiley - Graveyard Freestyle
Wiley - Firefly
Wiley - U Ain't Real

  • Read my two eski-era Wiley interviews here and here.

"Mix of old Kode9 tracks from 2001-2008. original hyperdub virus business.. Spaceape with some next level dread visions."

Kode9 - Sine of the Dub
Kode9 - Sub Kontinent
Kode9 - Spit Kode9 - Swarm
Kode9 - Stalker
Kode9 - Dislokated
Kode9 - Fukkaz
Kode9 - Ping
Kode9 - Ghost Town
Kode9 - Curious
Deep Alpha - All Think (Kode9 Alphadub remix)
Kode9 - 9 Samurai
Burial - Distant Lights (Kode9 remix)
Massive Music - Find my Way (Kode9 remix)
The Bug - Skeng (Kode9 refix)
Kode9 - Den of Drumz
Kode9 - Stung Dabrye feat Doom - Air (Kode9 remix)
James Yorkston - Woozy with Cider (Kode 9 remix)

  • Read my Kode9 interview here.


"Mix of old Mala tracks from 2004-2007 dread vibes on this. pure soundsystem music."

Mala - Conference
Mala - Pathwayz
Mala - Give Jah Glory
Mala - Awake
Mala - 10 Dread Commandments
Mala - Walking with Jah
Mala - Left Leg Out
Mala - Lost City
Mala - Neverland
Mala - Hunter
Mala - Changes
Mala - Misty Winter
Mala - Anti War Dub
Mala - Ancient Memories
Mala - Blue Notez
Mala - Lean Fwd
Mala - Bury da Bwoy

  • Read my Mala interview here (with Loefah).

"Mix of early Benga tracks from 2002-2005 more Big Apple vibes on this one.. proper weird grimey garage!"

Benga - Full Cycle
Benga - Hydro
Benga - The Lead
Benga - Walking Bass
Benga - Untitled
Benga - Amber
Benga - Bass Beat
Benga - Dreams
Benga - Untitled
Benga - Dose
Benga - Skank

  • (I interviewed Benga with Skream in 2002 for Mixmag but sadly it's not online).

"Mix of early Skream tracks from 2003-2005. proper Big Apple vibe on this one. beats.bleeps.bass."

Skream - Get Mad
Skream - Afrika
Skream - Mr Keys Dub Loefah - Indian Dub (Skreamix)
Skream - Explode
Skream - Korma
Skream - Afeks
Skream - Elektro
Skream - The Bug
Skream - Key Dub
Skream & Benga - The Judgement
Skream - Hallowerd
Skream - Traitor

  • Read my Skream interview here.

"Mix of old Loefah tracks from 2004-2006 ... before he went on a dread-cold halfstep vibe"

Loefah - Jazz Lick
Loefah - Beat Them
Loefah - Life Dub
Loefah - Bombay Squad
Loefah - Fire Elements
Loefah - Truly Dread
Loefah - Root

  • Read my other Loefah interview here.


"Mix of old Coki tracks from 2004-2007.. back when he used to make pure mutated dubbed-out riddims.. no midrange here!"

Coki - Stuck
Coki - Officer
Coki - B
Coki - Jah Fire
Coki - Molten
Coki - Mood Dub
Coki - Country Man
Coki - Tortured
Coki - Earth a Run Red
Coki - Intergalactic
Coki - Ugly

  • I interviewed Coki with Mala in 2004. Read it here and here.


Sonic Router said...

i was at the Salisbury that night... too drunk to stay.

Sonic Router said...

i remember that night at the Salisbury.