Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rinse February

Rinse FM

We were back on Rinse Thurs 25th, fun set, especially strong on the grime this month.

DOWNLOAD our set here.

Bias & Gurley "Roll" (unreleased)
Monkey Steak "Haarlem Drift" (Steak House)
Roska "Time Stamp" (unreleased)
VVV "Final Frame" (unreleased)
Roska "Squalk" (Rinse)
Zed Bias "Flipper"(unreleased)
Todd Edwards "I Might Be (MJ Cole remix)" (unreleased)
Brackles "6am El Gordo" (unreleased)
Naptha "Soundclash (Grievous Angel funky remix)" (unreleased)
ID and Baobinga "Backfoot" (unreleased)
Girl Unit "IRL" (unrleased)
Cassie "Official Girl (Deadboy remix)" (unreleased)
Kowton "Looking at You (Hackman remix)" (unreleased)
Tiny Tempah "Pass Out (SBTRKT remix)" (unreleased)

B Live & Silencer " Warfare" (unrleased)
D.O.K. "West Coast" (unreleased)
Kaychi "Runaway Strings" (unreleased)
Terror Danjah & Joker "Gully Goon Estate" (unreleased)
SRC "411 Lemsip (Mr Mitch remix)" (unreleased)
Sharkey Major "Shark Attack remix ft Ghetto, Dot Rotten, P Money, Devlin" (unreleased)

Ikonika "They Are All Loosing the War" (unreleased Hyperdub)
Starkey "Starting Gate" (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Amen Ra "Candy Rain" (unreleased)
Kyle Hall "Kaychun" (forthcoming Hyperdub)
No Fixed Abode "Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition)" (unreleased)
ID and Baobinga "Red Dust" (forthcoming)
Distance "Ill Kontent" (unreleased)
Emika "Double Edge (Pinch remix)" (forthcoming Ninja Tune)
Ramadanman "Don't Change For Me" (forthcoming Hessle Audio)
ID and Baobinga "Man Down" (unreleased)
Blawan "Potchla Vee" (unreleased)

LV ft Josh "Walk It" from "38 EP" (forthcoming Keysound)
LV ft Josh "Face of God" from "38 EP" (forthcoming Keysound)

· Don't forget you can download all our older sets from the Dusk + Blackdown Archive page.


Anonymous said...

download this show here, out to dusk + blackdown!

MacGregor said...

having trouble getting over that mj cole mix of todd edwards...

Anonymous said...

this was a sick show...