Monday, February 15, 2010



This is me on Twitter.

If a few more of you lot add me, I'll break 1,000 followers, which would be fun.

Damn I just broke 1000, congrats to Kiev dubstepper Glacial for being the 1000th. Hope you enjoy the Skream 12" fella.

And if 15,301 of you lot add me, I'll break even with Skepta, which would be mental.

Until then I'll just continue to conversate with @Shadrack_Mandem. It's made my day. Laughing is good for you you know, even if Shadrack & the boys make me laugh so hard and so randomly I must look a little weird. I think my funnybone might need re-calibrating.

1 comment:

ColdSweat said...

it's official! we're in BEEF with ...(fill out name). LOL