Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rinse June ft Vibezin

We were back on Rinse FM in June with special guest Vibezin.

Audio here.

Dusk & Blackdown ft Vibezin Rinse FM June 2011

Trim "Singer" ["Ghost Writer v Autotune" CD]
Matt IQ "Moodz" [IEQ]
Walton "Power" [unreleased]
Dubbel Dutch "Open Up" [unreleased] 
Eastwood "Toilet Blocker" [forthcoming]
Brenmar "So High" [forthcoming Grizzly]
Brenmar "Want Me" [forthcoming Grizzly]
Carnaeo Beats "Funk the Sound" [free download]
Funkystepz ft Rhian Moore "No More" [unreleased]
Visionist "Rock the Flock" [Diskotopia] 


Vibezin [Keysound] in the mix

Vibezin "Untitled" [unreleased]
Vibezin "The Sweetest" [unreleased]
Vibezin "The One" [unreleased]
Vibezin "Crazy" [unreleased]
Vibezin "Hot 4 U" [Keysound]
Vibezin "A Little Higher" [unreleased]
Vibezin "Yearning" [unreleased]
Vibezin "Blacker Than Thou" [unreleased]
Vibezin "I’ll Make You Hot" [unreleased]
Vibezin "Mad Sick" [Keysound]
Vibezin "Lovers' Hideout" [unreleased]


Admin "Pink Gloves" [forthcoming B.YRSLF]
Presk "Mold" [unreleased]
Silkie "Feel" [Deep Medi]
Silkie "New York City" [Deep Medi]
Mirror State "Unsettled" [forthcoming B.YRSLF]

Amen Ra v No Fixed Abode "So Much to Give" [unreleased]
Arkist "Rendezvous" [Apple Pips]
Wiz Khalifa "Black & Yellow Mystic Mark refix" [unrealased]
Baobinga & Hyetal "Wang it?" [Build]
P Money "Blackberry" [ibeathetune.com]
Sduk "YouNyt (Hellfire Machina Remix)" [Slit Jockey]
TRC "Back to Fluff"  [unreleased]
Filthy Beatz "FlipSide" [unreleased]
El-B ft Wiley "Romp VIP" [unreleased]
SRC "2FL003" [unreleased]
Visionist "02" [unreleased]
Trim "I Am (Mr Mitch remix)" [unreleased Butterz] 
Trim "Offbeat" ["Ghost Writer v Autotune" CD]

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