Monday, June 20, 2011

Vibezin production showcase for XLR8R

I've always struggled to find the words to pint point Vibezin's production style but he undeniably has one. Maybe it's the sharp zaps and marimbas, maybe it's the rolling percussion, the stolen sampledelia straight from the spirit UKG or the offkey synths from grime. I dunno, it's all just Vibezin really and this mix is the best summation of his flex I've heard yet.

Vibezin XLR8R production showcase


01 A Little Higher
02 Temptation
03 I Can’t Do It Alone
04 Lover’s Hideout
05 Work It
06 I’ll Make You Hot
07 The Sweetest
08 Blacker Than Thou
09 Crazy
10 The One
11 Illusions
12 Deeper
13 Pressure Point
14 Ultra Funk
15 Get Fucked Up
16 Hot 4 U
17 Show Me

Download it free at XLR8R mag.

Vibezin "From the Crates EP" digital out now, vinyl shortly. Hear it here.


KEYED said...

epicness. Just cant get enough sound. big ups

curlyheat said...

Seriously sick man.

rental mobil elf said...

Very nice, thanks.