Thursday, June 02, 2011

Vibezin “From the Crates EP”

Vibezin “From the Crates EP”
Keysound Recordings
Mastered by Transition

Keysound Recordings are proud to present the “From the Crates” EP from Vibezin, a longtime stalwart of the London pirate underground. He’s best known as one half of United Vibez, a DJ partnership between himself and Amen Ra of the shadowy LHF collective. Their Sub FM show occupies the hallowed 9-11pm slot and swerves between tightly mixed UK garage and rolling early “roots of...” dubstep, before heading into the second hour, a dazzling, bewitching production showcase.

Vibezin’s previous two releases “I Need You” and “Digital Funk” have appeared on future garage’s flagship label L2S, but fresh from supporting us (Dusk & Blackdown) on our 2010 live tour, his new EP ups the game, showcasing his sample-scattered production approach. It’s as much influenced by UK garage’s magpie-like approach to fragments of great records past as dubsteps reverence of weighty sub bass, all dug and inspired by his vast “crates,” a vinyl collection co-owned (!!!) by Vibezin and Amen Ra and used to drive their weekly radio show.

“Hot 4 U” is the most high octane cut on the EP, layering crashing drums and strange funk samples to create a soundscape that is both of its time but also evokes the rich history of black music past. “Mad Sick” rolls into darker, Jamaican dread territories while “Vicious” recalls classic jungle in spirit but with a brooding halfstep exoskeleton. “From the Crates EP” is out on 12” and digital in June.

Keysights (above) by me...

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