Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rinse January

Rinse FM

We were back on Rinse in January and I felt well up for it, hungry to let some beats off. Here's the audio.

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM January 2010

Roxy "Breakbeat Science" (Bison) *Roxy tribute, RIP Roxy, fallen Ghost soldier**

D1 "Lazerquest" (unreleased)
Aswad ft Sweetie Irie "City Lock" [Roska remix] (unreleased)
Gremino "Bee and Cee" [Grievous Angel remix] (unreleased)
Slackk "Marching" (unreleased)
Mosca "Square One" [Roska remix]" (forthcoming Night Slugs)
DJ Zinc and Ms Dynamite "Wile Out" (unreleased)
Emvee "Windrush" (unreleased)
Maxwell D "Snow Man" (unreleased)
DVA "Natty" (Hyperdub)
DJ Dom "London" (unreleased)
Baobinga "Ride It" (unreleased Build)

Grievous Angel "Still On It remix" (unreleased)
VVV + Phaeleh "Reconcile" (unreleased)
Sbtrkt "Dazed" (unreleased)
Kuoyah "Angels Dub [ Sully remix]" (unreleased)

LV "Lost" (unreleased Keysound)
LV "Early Mob" (unreleased Keysound)
Ramadanman "Tempest" (forthcoming Hemlock)
Untold "Come Follow We" (unreleased)
Seven and Elvee "Breakdown" (unreleased)

Vibzin "Mad Sick" (unreleased)
LHF "Chamber of Light" (unreleased Keysound)
LHF "Akashic Visions" (unreleased Keysound)
Sbtrkt "Minusthree" (unreleased)
Filtercutter "1UP [Ramadanman remix]" (unreleased)

James Blake "Saying" (unreleased)
James Blake "the Bells Sketch" (unreleased)
D1 "Dr" (unreleased)
Starkey ft P Money "Numb" (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Zomby "Maxamillion" (unreleased)
Zomby "Rooftops" (unreleased)

· Don't forget you can download all our older sets from the Dusk + Blackdown Archive page.


Leeum said...

When is this going up for downloads?

Leeum said...

massive january rinse, check out the blog...shout outs




Anonymous said...

fuckinell this show is brilliant...

desto said...

I've been making this tune 'Road Guy Riddim' as a sonic tribute to those exact utterances by Trim that James Blake sampled on 'Saying' hahaha... Great show all round!

Blackdown said...

nice! i'm all about people connecting via our playlist. LV remixed Logos after they heard the tune on our show - that kinda thing makes me happy...

desto said...

Strange bit was and i did the sketch of that Road Guy track last autumn when Dead-O showed me the Trim interview but forgot about the beat and now the whole thing came back to me through Blake's track (which is a big track btw!). We'll see if i manage to finish mine.

gremino said...

'Be And See' is actually Grievous' remix of my track - forthcoming Car Crash Set digital materia:

Gremino - Be And See + Grievous Angel remix
Gremino - Shining + Jam City remix

Thanks for playing the track anyways! :)

Anonymous said...

zomby channeling the muthafuckin CLIPSE on that last tune, gosh

Svetlana crew said...

LV is huge.

Thanks for playing our first record, means an amazing amount actually. More stuff coming thru.

Svetlana x

h.u.d. london said...

Just now catching up on my Blackdown reading...

Love Oneman. Big respect every time. But i'm not buying that bit about 'riding the pitch', if you know when to touch the platter (to slow it down) (on the and of one works well), it can be a nice effect. The most inspiring DJs, to me, people like Theo Parrish, Brackles, Simbad, and even Jeff Mills are constantly touching the records, the platter, it makes for a more organic sounding mix in my mind. Love when a DJ just 'throws' the record into the mix. But I come at this from more of a battle DJ perspective... love the art of the quick mix and hands in constant movement.

Btw, rewinds on a CDJ sound so sterile.

Large up Serato though.

Great interview.